IT Project Management For Systems Integration

ABOUT THE CUSTOMER Integrity Integration Resources is a systems integrator that specializes in automation and controls for manufacturing plants. Their UL 508A-certified shop builds control panels that adhere to most corporate specifications and/or requirements. Field service engineers are available 24/7/365 for troubleshooting and repairing all brands of automation manufacturers.
The company relies on the controls expertise and engineering processes they’ve developed over 30 years to deliver quality results, optimized budgets and faster payback on customers’ investments.

MAIN CHALLENGES Lacked the ability to integrate their time tracking program with their accounting system, causing production problems; Had difficulties accurately tracking multiple project schedules from start to finish; Lacked an effective way to manage resource workloads

Over the years Integrity Integration Resources had developed a home-grown proprietary system to track time. However, the program wasn’t able to ensure resource utilization, or track each project’s progress or determine whether or not a project was on budget. As a result, if a problem suddenly popped up, it could catch project managers by surprise.

Equally important, the system couldn’t integrate with the company’s accounting system. “Our accounting system gave us all the parts required for each project,” says the director of engineering. “However, when a customer called and asked if parts had been delivered, we couldn’t find the answer in our existing system. Instead we had to go down to the shop and check, which wasn’t very efficient or cost effective.”

“If we wanted to know a project’s status, we had to call various engineers and ask them how they were progressing. If they needed help, we called around to find the resources to help them. And when a box was ready to ship to a client, we had to send employees to make sure the order was complete. There was a lot of running around.”

To gain greater control over the entire manufacturing process, Integrity Integration Resources began investigating project management programs.

WHY PROJECT INSIGHT Offers an integrated solution to make the manufacturing process transparent to all engineers and project managers for greater control; Tracks time and parts accurately to streamline the manufacturing process; Ensures all projects remain on time and on budget

Management did extensive research into available project management solutions. They required an integrated solution that allowed them to accurately track time and progress from project inception to completion, manage resources, and be transparent so all engineers and project managers on staff could see the status of each project. In addition, the project management solution had to effective manage individual work streams and ensure projects were delivered on time, on budget and to specifications.

After evaluating several solutions the company selected Project Insight project management software because the software easily integrated with the existing accounting system. It addressed the company’s main concerns by providing transparency and oversight, allowing project engineers to control the manufacturing process end to end.

THE RESULTS Real-time data keeps projects on schedule and helps solve problems before they become costly Automatic approvals streamline the production process and increases employee efficiency Improved tracking allows project managers to calculate every engineer’s and project’s profitability “One of the major advantages Project Insight project management software offers is the real-time data it provides,” the director explains. “For example, I know immediately if the scope of a project changes and what resources are available to keep the project on schedule. I can quickly spot problems and immediately solve them before they become costly. As a result, the software has made our project managers more proactive. We get done what needs to get done, which helps keep the company profitable.”

“Another key feature is the automatic approval system. In the past we had to call around to determine a project’s status and to find resources. With the automatic approval system I know the status of each project because I can see which steps have been checked off and which haven’t.”